Makata Investment Services

We are a London based firm, passionate about and committed to promoting and facilitating trade (regionally and internationally), investment and economic growth in Sub Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on:

  • Private Equity/Venture Capital transactions
  • Arranging Financial,Technical and Strategic Partnerships
  • Commodities Trading

We strongly believe that African project promoters, businesses and entrepreneurs, should be in a position to fully exploit the opportunities that abound around them during what is Africa's Decade and Century, and that they should be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the wider development and success of the African continent and it's people.

We therefore strive to do our part and evoke our corporate motto “Ideas,Capital,Results” by helping African businesses to gain access to the capital and expertise that they need to bring their ideas to fruition and to achieve the results we believe they are fully capable of.

Our strategy is simple, working with our local partners in various Sub Saharan African countries, we identify viable projects and opportunities and then work with carefully selected finance,technical and strategic partners regionally and internationally, who have a genuine interest and appetite for supporting and benefiting from the development of African business and entrepreneurship.

We look to bring together credible businesses with serious partners, gain an understanding of the needs and requirements of the parties involved, and aim to build a long term relationship with all parties, which we believe is mutually beneficial to all involved and exhibits our confidence and belief in the transactions which we are involved in.

It is also part of our core ethos, that all transactions we are involved in, should have a positive socio economic impact on the communities in the countries in which we operate and it is our conviction that the economic benefits that will be generated from Africa’s growth and rise should be enjoyed by and benefit the wider African population who are the true custodians of this beautiful continent’s wealth and abundant resources.

We are a firm believer in the realisation of the great potential of the people and continent of Africa and are fully committed to do out part to contribute to the fulfilment of this vision.

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